Platforms,  hardwood floors, polished floors,  but most importantly carpeted floors and textiles are available in all Pantone colors, and can be customized

The FB catalog includes rugs, hardwood and polished floors, but our forte is the carpeted floors and the fabrics, which we owe to partners, Alma and Pointex. Alma, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of needle-felt carpets, creates carpeted floors in 3,144 Pantone colors, and prints them with any customized image. Pointex weaves extremely resistant carpets and fabrics, from floors to stools so that the client can have everything matched. The only limit is in the creativity; we can develop an original texture, print the client’s logo, or create a customized image in perfect harmony with the brand and the event.

Textile flooring

Twister Textile Flooring by Pointex is made through the addition of glitter and needled back support that allows for an easy installation and removal.

Textile flooring – detailed

The Twister textile products allow for matching combinations through carpeted floors, curtains, walls and furnishing that make your space exclusive.

Shaded carpeted flooring

This stair carpet made by Pointex comes only in one color, and thousands of shades.
Twister is not a printed or screen-printed product but it is a jacquard textile one because of its design and its typical effects.

Laminate flooring

Made in Italy Light Oak Effect Laminate Floor is made of recomposed wood fibers, and a high-resolution digital stamp, with the wood essence and veins.

Elea carpeted flooring by Alma USA

This is Elea carpeted flooring, the classic flat version by Alma Usa. This collection of carpeted floors boasts a color catalog of 48 shades, with the possibility to make any Pantone color, upon request.

Walnut laminate flooring

One slat veneered and laminate floor with high-density wood fibers that retain the natural color and veins of the dark walnut wood for years. Excellent quality and resistance.

Venus carpeted flooring by Alma USA

Venus is one of the most prestigious carpeted floors out the range of the stands sector. It is characterized by a soft and velvet-like surface, with good wear resistance, and is distinguished by its bright colors.

Pave-effect carpeted flooring

It is a Twister pave-effect textile floor. This product was initially manufactured as a textile, and it is assembled and installed like a carpeted floor. Through its weaving, it combines esthetic quality of the textile with the practicality of the carpeted floor.

Kenafloor flooring

Kenafloor floor by Alma is fully made of the “Kenaf” vegetable fiber, and is suitable for all low environmental impact options.

Polished Laminate Flooring

This floor has a glossy white finishing touch with square modular panels that can match any type of furniture and stand. Each sheet is L 31.50" x W 31.50".

Elea Glitter Carpeted Flooring

Elea glitter is available in 6 bright colors in order to let light into the floor.
It is easy to install, has a considerable optical effect, and excellent adherence to the ground.